What ValuebyGeorge.com is About

The old quip about making money in the stock market “buy low and sell high” is hard to argue with isn’t it? It has always been true, but for us on Main Street the trick is to know what is low, what is high and will it ever get from low to high.  That is what ValuebyGeorge.com is about.

My approach is to look for investments that are significantly undervalued relative to their true or intrinsic value providing a margin of safety. On any given day the share price of a company fluctuates.  These fluctuations most often having nothing to do with the underlying value of the company the shares represent.  So I patiently wait as an owner of the company until the share price reflects the underlying value and then sell.

My first look is always at individual companies (bottom up perspective) while watching the cyclical and secular economic trends (top down perspective) to gain as much insight as possible.  I enjoy spending my time looking for new value investment opportunities and will share what I find with you.  I hope you will do the same.

I’ll share my views on what I’m considering or investing in and why.  These investments may or may not be the right thing for you, and that’s fine because our circumstances and views will often be different.  Besides, I’m just not right all the time, unfortunately.  The goal here is simply to share ideas and hopefully continue to learn from each other.

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