Dear Blog Readers

Dear Blog Readers,

Just wanted to share an upcoming change with you. In the past we posted on the reported quarterly results of each company in the Value by George (VBG) portfolio and how the quarterly results impacted our investment thesis. In doing so it was pretty much the same material the company or others reported but with our perspective on how it may have impacted the investment thesis. At this time we’re going to stop doing the quarterly report summaries going forward. That does not mean we are going to stop following the company’s quarterly reports, listening to their conference calls, news releases, SEC filings, etc. We’ll always do that for any investments we own and we own every stock in the VBG portfolio.

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So why the change? First, our investment thesis usually have a 3 to 5 year investment horizon because that is usually the time required for most investments to come to fruition. The quarterly reports are helpful regulatory mandated reports to help us determine if the company is on track. However, if the investment thesis is playing out, that’s easy enough to say in summary, without discussing what is already being covered by the company or press.

A more efficient way to do that is to post when events occur that we believe could materially change our investment thesis for better or worse. So, that’s what we’ll do going forward, posting information when we have something meaningful to our investment thesis to write about, whenever it comes to our attention.

The second reason is, at some point along the way, I started to lose motivation to post on the blog. I started the blog because I learned over the years the years that value investing really works and hoped through the blog others could learn this important lesson much sooner than I did. Since the blog is fueled solely by a passion for investing and sharing ideas, spending more time on this focus, will return all the motivation needed. My goal continues to be sharing ideas with other investors so we can all become better investors and hopefully prosper together.

Any thoughts you may have are always appreciated.

Kindest Regards,


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