Economic Backdrop

Today’s Economic Backdrop for Investing Forecasting the economy (or stock market) is a hazardous undertaking.  Many feel there are just too many variables and interactions to accurately forecast and translate useable top down investment ideas.  Since value investors tend to be bottom up investors and contrarian in nature many ignore top down economic forecasts and […]

What is Value Investing?

Value Investing What is Value Investing? Warren Buffet defined value investing in the 1977 Berkshire Hathaway annual letter to shareholders: “We select our marketable equity securities in much the way we would evaluate a business for acquisition in its entirety. We want the business to be one (a) that we can understand; (b) with favorable […]

Introduction and Lessons Learned

Hello, My name is George Thoreson and I am a fundamental, bottom-up, value investor.  I love investing. I’ve been investing and studying investing since 1975. I’ll invest in large and small capitalization companies, often out of favor or in a special situation.  Searching for real value often leads to interesting places including companies with small market […]

What is About

The old quip about making money in the stock market “buy low and sell high” is hard to argue with isn’t it? It has always been true, but for us on Main Street the trick is to know what is low, what is high and will it ever get from low to high.  That is […]