Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP) 3Q13 Strong Results & Good Outlook Continues

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) reported another quarter of strong results and a continued positive outlook with many opportunities. Once again it is a pleasure to see hard work and prudent investments over past years continue to compound and produce increasing returns for the benefit of unit holders. Management continues on a sound and well executed […]

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) 2Q13 Best to Date

Brookfield Infrastructure reported strong results or as CFO John Stinebaugh described during the conference call; “The second quarter 2013, was the most profitable in our history as virtually all of our operations performed well.” It is important to pause and appreciate accomplishments and encouraging to hear a continued positive outlook for the future. The hard work and […]

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, L.P. (BIP) 1Q13 Firing on All Cylinders

This is an excellent report.  Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, L.P. reported results [Source] for the quarter ended March 31, 2013 with funds from operations (FFO) totaling $160 million ($0.80 per unit) compared to FFO of $108 million ($0.58 per unit) in the first quarter of 2012 for a 48% increase in year-over-year FFO. The increase in FFO was […]

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP)

The next step in the valuation of Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) is to understand the components of the company starting with Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP). Brookfield Infrastructure Partners is the first major entity spun off in Brookfield Asset Management’s transformation to a global asset manager. BIP was launched in 2008 and operates infrastructure assets in North […]

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, L.P. (BIP) 4Q12 A Solid Report

The value created over the past few years continues to provide cumulative returns for the benefit of patient unit holders with a long term investing perspective. This is another solid report. I don’t think we could have asked for much more other than perhaps to wish more publicly traded companies were managed this well the owners. […]

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, L.P. (BIP) 3Q12 Report

On November 7, 2012 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, L.P. reported net income per unit of $0.35 and Funds from Operations (FFO) of $0.58 per unit slightly higher than Wall Street estimates of $0.55. The company is shifting gears from its Australian organic growth focus, adjusting to the cooling of growth in Asia, to an acquisition focus […]

Brookfield Infrastructure LLP (BIP) Reports 2Q12

Brookfield Infrastructure announced results for the 2Q12 on 8/8/12. It was a busy quarter with solid results. But first, on 7/30/12 BIP pre-announced a number of significant strategic initiatives that will meaningfully expand the transportation and utility businesses. These are opportunities created to a large extent from the environment in Europe. The New Strategic Initiatives […]

Brookfield Infrastructure LLP (BIP) Reports 1Q12

Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP) today announced results for the 1Q12.  No surprises here; good solid performance with Australian railroad expansion underway and on schedule. We’ll see most of $150 million cash flow increase over the next four quarters. For income investors; the railroad cash flow increase itself over the upcoming year is about $.81/unit assuming all else […]

Brookfield Infrastructure LP (BIP)

Brookfield Infrastructure L.P. (BIP) operates infrastructure assets located in North and South America, Australasia, and Europe providing essential products and services for the global economy. The cash flow is stable with approximately 80% of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) supported by regulated or contracted revenues. The long life assets require relatively minimal […]

Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP) Reports Solid Performance

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P (BIP) (a spinoff of Brookfield Asset Management BAM) reported earnings today. It was a solid performance. You may recall BAM owns 30% of BIP and this performance should have a positive impact on BAM’s earnings to be released on 2/17/2012. BIP Profile (per filings): Brookfield Infrastructure owns and operates high quality, […]