Investing in Today’s Uncertainty

In Recovery: Long Way to Go the possibility of a longer than expected economic recovery is discussed. How should that possibility be considered and how does it impact the tenets of value investing? Exploring the approaches used by the best in the business is a good place to start. Hedge funds often consider their investments confidential and […]

Recovery: Long Way to Go

An earlier post Today’s Economic Backdrop for Investing discussed the framework for investing. Value investors are bottom up investors and contrarian in nature. So, top down macroeconomic forecasts don’t carry a lot of weight (the so called risk-on, risk-off) approach to investing. The premise; forecasting macroeconomics is hazardous (if not impossible) but we can’t ignore reality. We are going through a […]

Economic Backdrop

Today’s Economic Backdrop for Investing Forecasting the economy (or stock market) is a hazardous undertaking.  Many feel there are just too many variables and interactions to accurately forecast and translate useable top down investment ideas.  Since value investors tend to be bottom up investors and contrarian in nature many ignore top down economic forecasts and […]