Value by George Blog Update

I’m pleased to announce Value by George is updated with a new appearance and improved functionality. If you haven’t been to the site recently, check it out. All content is now immediately available without the registration step previously required to view protected content. The new design page menu and search bar is above the header. Below […]

Introduction and Lessons Learned

Hello, My name is George Thoreson and I am a fundamental, bottom-up, value investor.  I love investing. I’ve been investing and studying investing since 1975. I’ll invest in large and small capitalization companies, often out of favor or in a special situation.  Searching for real value often leads to interesting places including companies with small market […]

What is About

The old quip about making money in the stock market “buy low and sell high” is hard to argue with isn’t it? It has always been true, but for us on Main Street the trick is to know what is low, what is high and will it ever get from low to high.  That is […]